The typical used car buyer views at least a hundred cars, before settling on the one they like enough to sign on the dotted line. That number will increase as technology progresses, because it has now become easier to check for the ideal vehicle online. Getting a used car in British Columbia no longer requires a person to traverse the physical landscape from Vancouver in the south west to Fort St John in the East or from Juneau in the north. It can all be done online.

The Metro Vancouver Area

Within British Columbia, the population is mostly concentrated within the Greater Metro Vancouver area. This covers an area of approximately 1,111 square miles, a small part of British Columbia's 364,764 square miles. A mere 0.3%. In terms of population, British Columbia is home to 4.4 million inhabitants, where 2.4 million of them are located in the Metro Vancouver area - 55%. One way to understand it would be to see that 55% of the population lives in 0.3% of the land area. This leads the assumption then, when it comes to used cars in British Columbia, that there is a high concentration of them in Vancouver and the metro area surrounding it.

Used Cars in British Columbia

Along with supply, comes the ability to find better prices, when searching for used cars. However, scouring the entire metro Vancouver area could prove expensive and the marginal benefit decreases for each additional mile that is traversed in searching for the perfect used vehicle. For those who live as far away as Juneau, it may be worth taking a look at the inventory of used vehicles in Vancouver. Again, for them, while a trip would be worthwhile, it would be wiser to traverse the electronic store fronts rather than to physically make the trip down. In short, shopping for used cars in British Columbia, should be focused on the Vancouver metro area.

Tips to Online Car Searches

Finding a car online has its own set of peculiarities. That doesn't mean that is impossible or inefficient. On the contrary, it means that there are a few rules of thumb that should be followed. First off, start by doing an online search for a particular make and model that is of interest. Understand the characteristics of the vehicle and what are the common problems buyers faced with one that is used, as opposed to one that is brand new. Discard issues that are infrequent and focus on the common problems. If these problems are acceptable, then that particular make and model can be shortlisted.

The second action is to understand the financial aspect of this commitment. Buying a used car can get expensive, if the car is in bad mechanical condition. If the car is above market value, then the loan to price ratio will be too low. This will result in a higher initial down payment and, possibly higher monthly payments. Buying a used car involves a commitment that creates a financial responsibility and an obligation. Choose wisely before signing on the dotted line.

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